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Piru Harington

GT247.com Trading Desk

Piru Harington has been trading since 2007 and uses his analytical and technical prowess to wow his clients and support his team at GT Private Broking. “I am very technical,” he explains. “I analyse a lot of graphs, which means I can be a great sounding board.” Because he hates being wrong, he also makes it his business to research as much as humanly possible to be in the best position to help his clients make informed decisions. After graduating from the University of Pretoria with a degree in investment management, Piru went on to complete all the JSE Securities and Representative Persons exams and has had a love for equities ever since he can remember. “Equities have always been a passion for me,” he says. “I find trying to figure out when and where the next big move will be, really exciting!”

Favourite stock to trade: I have a thing for Gold stocks, I just love the volatility

Is Bitcoin a fad or here to stay?: Fad.

Technical or Fundamental?: Definitely Technical

Who should trade?: They say Engineers make the best traders due to the fact that they are very analytical. In my opinion, we need more female traders, as they are less emotional about money.

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