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Rates and Fees

GT247.com is one of the cheapest platforms in South Africa. We have been providing trading services to South Africans since 2000 and we are proud of being a legal, ethical business filled with passionate team members. Low cost, high value!

Rates and Fees for MT5:

Description Rates
Minimum first deposit R500
MMPM on Equity CFD's 10 basis points or 0.10%
Shading (excl. Equity CFD's) built into bid/offer spread Please review Product Navigator
Long funding +2.50% South African Benchmark Overnight Rates
Short funding -2.50% South African Benchmark Overnight Rates 
Interest on Margin No interest earned
Monthly Platform Fee No charge
Reporting fee No charge
Minimum MMPM per trade No minimum
SMS notifications No charge
Credit card deposit administration fee 2.3% of transaction value
Credit card fixed charge R1.60 per transaction


Please see full Cost Profile