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Nilan Morar

GT247.com Trading Desk

At the helm of the GT Private Broking trading desk is Nilan Morar, a trader who is valued so much by his clients that they follow him wherever he goes. Nilan’s attention to detail, quick response times and ability to remain calm in stressful situations has earned him client relationships which span as long as 20 years. It doesn’t hurt that Nilan is also passionate about making his client’s money. Like many of his colleagues on the desk Nilan is qualified and experienced in his field. He has completed the International Capital Markets Qualification in London, the Registered Persons exams and the regulatory exams in South Africa. Nilan is also a registered Key Individual with the Financial Services Board. When Nilan started working at Global Trader in 2002 he was excited to get involved in something new and says, “The products that company offered then were completely innovative and unheard of in South Africa. Global Trader was first to introduce spread trading, for example. I was instantly drawn to this pioneering mindset, which still exists throughout Purple Group today.”

Favourite stock to trade:  I really don’t have a favourite, if it moves and I understand it, I’ll do my homework and trade it.

Is Bitcoin a fad or here to stay?: Bitcoin is not sustainable or here to stay, however, I do believe that the concept of blockchain is.

Technical or Fundamental?: Both, using fundamentals to help me decide what to trade and technical’s to help me decide when to trade.

Who should trade?: Personally I believe everyone with some disposable capital should. I will however caution that one should not trade with capital that they cannot afford to lose. Trading in a controlled way will help one develop an understanding for one’s ability to absorb the concept of risk and control the two biggest factors of influence, being fear and greed.


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