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Barry Dumas

GT247.com Trading Desk

Barry has experience in the investment industry for the last 9 and a half years mostly advising clients on their investment portfolios and managing clients long term investments. He enjoys educating clients on trading / investing and technical analysis on securities. He currently holds a Wealth management qualification and is studying towards becoming a securities trader on the JSE.

Favourite stock of all time to trade: "I mostly trade indices but the stock that stands out for me as my fav of all time is “Mr Price Group Limited” (MRP)"

Is Bitcoin a fad or here to stay? "Absolutely, here to stay, my bet is that Ethereum (ETH) will be next in line and if you buy it now you won’t regret it."

Technical or Fundamental? "Without a doubt, Technical all the way."

Who should trade? "A person with a passion for the financial markets but who understands the risks involved in trading derivatives."

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