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Enlist to play Trade Wars and win over R1 000 000

The clock is ticking to all out war!

South Africa’s most exciting and rewarding trading challenge is here AND this is Ground Zero! Where it all starts!

Do you have what it takes to be South Africa’s #1 trader?

Over R1, 000, 000 to be won.


We are giving away over R1, 000, 000 as we hunt for South Africa's best traders. 

Whether you are a professional trader, or you are just getting started, join the war and claw your way to the top. 

We will be giving away R5000 every week and R50 000 every month to the best trader, challenge your friends and make money by just getting them to take part. You decide your strategy! 

That's not all! We are also rewarding you with up to R500 trading cash into your account for every person you successfully refer to the competition that signs up and meets the entry requirements!


  1. Open a GT247.com trading account
  2. Foxtrot, India, Charlie, Alpha – FICA soldier FICA! Send a clear copy of your ID and proof of residence (not older than 3 months) to newaccounts@gt247.com or upload here
  3. Deposit a minimum of R500 to qualify for the weekly competition.
  4. Deposit a minimum of R5000 to be entered into both the weekly and monthly competition.


Highest Percentage Win:

  1. The trader with the highest percentage return at the end of each week of the competition will win the R5000 weekly prize.
  2. The trader with the highest percentage return at the end of each month of the competition will win the R50 000 monthly prize. 


  1. For each person a trader successfully refers in the weekly competition and signs up to the competition successfully, the referring trader will receive R250.
  2. For each person a trader successfully refers in the monthly competition and signs up to the competition successfully, the referring trader will receive R500.

TOP REFERRer Main prize r50 000:

The trader who refers the most people that successfully sign up at the end of the #TradeWars competition will win R50 000 plus the referral bonuses as previously mentioned.


To successfully refer another trader to sign up for GT247.com trading account and meet the entry requirements, they will need to sign up through your unique referral link which can be found in any of the Trade Wars correspondence emailed to your inbox! A referral link will look like this (for example purpose only) https://my.gt247.com/Registration?referralCode=ref123456

A successfully referred trader would have to meet the following requirements in order for you to be paid your bonus:

  1. They must have registered an account and have a UserID 
  2. They must have been successfully FICA verified by sending in their FICA documents.
  3. They must have funded their account with a minimum of R500

For all the nitty gritty t's & c's as well as FAQ's you can find them in our Rules of Engagement section further down.


1. Open an account

The first step to winning any war is to go to war! You will need to sign up for a GT247.com account unless you already have one. To open an account, click HERE 

2. Download platform

Now that you have opened an account you would have received a mail providing you with your unique account number i.e 123456.

Make sure to FICA verify your account as per instructions in the welcome email.

Now proceed to download the Metatrader 5 trading platform HERE


3. Make cash referring

Recruit your contacts into your army and receive up to R500 into your trading account for every successful recruit.

At the end of the competition, the trader with the most recruits will win the grand prize of R50 000!

You will find your unique referral code on any of the mailers you have received from us!

Leaderboard % Profits


Leaderboard Referrals

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Rules of Engagement

Keep in line soldier! All the nitty gritty's of #TradeWars can be found in the terms and conditions HERE. [link to PDF document hosted on hubspot]
Don't bring a knife to a gun fight. Download our powerful trading platform and power your trading strategy like never before! 
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