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Java Run Time

Clearing your cache on a PC


You need to clear your java cache to ensure that you have the most to up to date version of the trading applications.

  • If you haven't cleared your cache and a new version of the trading application is released, the system will not let you login.

  • But we'll let you know when a new version is released, and when you need to clear your cache.

Step 1

  • On your desktop, click on “Start”

  • Navigate to the Control Panel

  • Click on the Java icon.

  • The Java Control Panel will appear.

  • Click “Settings” under Temporary Internet files.

  • Wait for the Delete Temporary Files dialog box to appear


Step 2

  • The installation will start automatically

Step 3

  • Check all boxes. 

  • Click on “OK”.

  • Your Java Cache will now be cleared.