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Paul Chakaduka

Paul Chakaduka

GT247.com Trading Desk

Paul Chakaduka is better known as Chucks – a nickname bestowed on him by friends who found his surname difficult to pronounce. Born in Harare and educated at Rhodes, Chucks thrives in fast-paced trading world of Johannesburg. Single and available, Paul is all about finding the perfect partner and perfect trade.

Favourite stock of all time to trade: “Transactional Capital”

Is Bitcoin a fad or here to stay? “Here to stay, for sure!”

Technical or Fundamental? “Fundamental. My dad was an accountant so I grew up liking and understanding figures.”

Who should trade? “To trade you must understand the risk – often people only realize the risk when losses occur. It is my role to help manage the risk, especially with geared products.”


Musa Makoni

GT247.com Trading Desk

Musa Makoni studied BCom Hons in Financial Economics and Investment Management at the University of the Free State. As the youngest member of the GT247.com trading desk, he brings additional energy and fresh take on trades. Musa manages the daily GT247 blogs, bringing trade ideas for all our clients.

Favourite stock of all time to trade: “Ashanti”

Is Bitcoin a fad or here to stay? “Here to stay ….”

Technical or Fundamental? “A mix is good but if I had to choose – technical!”

Who should trade? “Anyone who is prepared to learn – read, listen, talk to experts, follow traders – successful ones and ones that lose! The more you learn, the more you will know what your risk appetite is.”


Martin Harris

GT247.com Trading Desk

Martin Harris joined the GT247.com team in 2015 following studies in Sydney and UCT. Having grown up in Johannesburg, Martin loves being back in the economic heartland of Africa. He contributes regularly to media24 around share performance and when not reading financial books, plays rugby or supports his favourite team, the Lions.

Technical or Fundamental? “A combination of both works for me – things constantly move and the more info, the better.”

Favourite stock of all time to trade: “PPC”

Is Bitcoin a fad or here to stay? “Here to stay and I am sad I didn’t get involved soon enough!”

Who should trade? “Anyone who is in tune with the economy and has their ears on the ground.”


Barry Dumas

Barry Dumas

GT247.com Trading Desk

Barry has experience in the investment industry for the last 9 and a half years mostly advising clients on their investment portfolios and managing clients long term investments. He enjoys educating clients on trading / investing and technical analysis on securities. He currently holds a Wealth management qualification and is studying towards becoming a securities trader on the JSE.

Favourite stock of all time to trade: "I mostly trade indices but the stock that stands out for me as my fav of all time is “Mr Price Group Limited” (MRP)"

Is Bitcoin a fad or here to stay? "Absolutely, here to stay, my bet is that Ethereum (ETH) will be next in line and if you buy it now you won’t regret it."

Technical or Fundamental? "Without a doubt, Technical all the way."

Who should trade? "A person with a passion for the financial markets but who understands the risks involved in trading derivatives."


Dean Bakos

Dean Bakos

GT247.com Trading Desk

Dean joined GT247.com in 2017 after completing his Bachelor of Accounting with an Honors in Investment Management at UJ. A real people’s person with an inspirational zest for life. Dean has a keen awareness in politics and financial markets.  Dean will always try his best to provide legendary service and hospitality to whomever he meets. If he is not at the trading desk looking for the next best opportunity you will find him with family and friends doing what he does best: Eating, drinking and enjoying life on the golf course. 

Favourite stock of all time to trade: “Banks and Gold with a dash of AUD/NZD” 

Is Bitcoin a fad or here to stay? “Get ready for Crypto-currencies to take over the world” 

Technical or Fundamental? “One needs to find the perfect balance”

Who should trade? “Anyone who has the ability to stay positive in times of adversity”


Odwa Magwentshu

Odwa Magwentshu

GT247.com Trading Desk

Odwa Magwentshu was once a mechanical engineer and now a self-taught trader in the forex space. Understands what it takes to get started in the markets with no background experience to making profits in the markets. From a small town in the Eastern Cape to the concrete jungle where dreams are made of (Jozi), joined the GT247 team in 2016.

Favourite stock to trade: "EurUsd, forex just makes more sense to him."

Is Bitcoin a fad or here to stay? "Here to stay!"

Who should trade? "Anyone that is willing to put in the hours to understand the markets."