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GT247.com has been offering trading services to South Africans since 2000. Often voted as a leading trading platform and discount broker, we love working with and for our clients to grow their wealth.

We aim to make your trading simple, focused, cost-effective and efficient across a wide spectrum of instruments, including CFDs, Equities, Futures and Forex. And if you are a beginner trader who doesn’t know what those terms mean, but you think you are keen to give trading a go, our experienced, passionate trading desk members are there to help.

Trading can be risky and you can lose all your capital - so it is vital to do research, know your limits, plan your strategy and learn from others. At GT247.com we thrive on offering education, sharing trading ideas and giving traders the best chance at success. Our team want you to make money and are themselves traders.

Discount broker growth has been explosive elsewhere in the world, but not so in South Africa. Whilst many of our stockbrokers have invested heavily in internet based trading platforms, the industry has been less willing to aggressively reduce barriers to entry, limiting the impact of these platforms to the rich and experienced traders.

GT247.com’s response has been to "make it easy" – we want everyone to trade and have access to the benefits of trading. Our size, technology base, people and related intellectual property combine to deliver a team capability that can go head to head with the best of our local and international peers. And that’s not just us saying so – we have won numerous awards over the years.

Innovation remains our competitive advantage - supported by easy access and low cost structures.

We are a proudly South African business and the only place where you can trade internationals using Rands. With some overseas platforms offering (illegal) opportunities for South Africans and numerous fly-by-night platforms and ponzy schemes ripping off consumers, GT247.com is proud of our ethical and long-stadning success in South Africa.